In 30 days or less, Saatchi 3D had to build and implement an interactive videogame experience using Kinect™ for Microsoft Windows® for the Los Angeles Auto Show that would help grow brand loyalty in families.

"Within a month we went from design concept all the way through to a fully working application."

− Michael Wilken

"We wanted to make a game built on simplicity so that users of all skill levels would be invited to play."

− Justin Abadilla


After brainstorming and pitching a number of ideas, Saatchi 3D landed on the perfect solution: simplicity. The 3D Department conceptualized, designed, and built a videogame called Driveland for Kinect™ that encouraged physical activity and interaction at the car show, a place where kids are usually not allowed to play. People of all ages and abilities had fun jumping to select exterior paint colors, running to view the exterior of vehicle, swiping their hands in the air to check out the car’s interior and steering the Prius on a virtual test drive. Due to an abundance of positive consumer experiences in Driveland, which especially helped young audiences forge a positive association with the Toyota brand, the Saatchi 3D game was incorporated into the Detroit and New York Auto Shows.