Creating a 3D Pipeline

Saatchi 3D has developed a powerful studio infrastructure of process and custom tools dedicated to visualizing our clients’ products. This infrastructure allows us to build or customize 3D-generated assets with an unprecedented combination of quality, flexibility and efficiency.

Having such mature 3D capabilities integrated within an advertising agency provides unique benefits to our clients. Communications are streamlined, speeding up productions while making them more efficient and less taxing. Efficiencies of scale develop over product life cycles, increasing both savings and volume of available assets as product lines evolve.

The 3D studio is one part of a larger 3D capability we offer our clients. Our Virtual Garage allows client partners and agency vendors open access to 3D asset efficiencies. Our vendor relationships and industry knowledge allow us to provide best-of-class solutions for different 3D needs. We are constantly working to master and provide leadership in emerging 3D technologies.

Saatchi 3D’s capabilities are evolving from specialized practices to a core component of product design, content and advertising. We are empowering our clients to take advantage of these developments and lead the industry in their 3D marketing efforts.