Saatchi 3D is the only full-service, Virtual Garaging and 3D studio based within an advertising agency. We boast a powerhouse team who can offer creative, artistic, and technical support. Our savvy producers budget the smartest way to achieve client goals by overseeing each project every step of the way, starting with bidding and running through delivery. We have talented programmers who address software needs, and Virtual Garagers who specialize in Digital Asset Management. Our studio is equipped to share data with elite vendors, which enables us to pass along efficiencies and solutions directly to our clients. Most importantly, we employ an extraordinarily talented cadre of artists who design and build what a client needs.

While our focus lies predominantly with automobiles, Saatchi 3D is equipped with top-flight technology to produce premium assets in a variety of disciplines. We tessellate and prep geometry as well as handle the creation of it. Saatchi 3D covers everything from camera and lighting setups all the way to final compositing and retouching. We can work with revised assets in real time, which eliminates artist hours and translates into saving the client time and money. Saatchi 3D has used Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, and Web GL to execute game designs. Also, we have developed several projects for use with Oculus Rift, providing experiences that can be used as marketing tools, branding opportunities, or for educational purposes.

Our reach, however, is not limited to the virtual world. Saatchi 3D has also branched out into 3D scanning and printing. Our process includes modeling, resurfacing to low poly, and troubleshooting. For virtual location and image capture, we employ a suite of 3D scanning technologies, tool development and printing.